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Labour of loveMay be an image of one or more people, hair and text that says 'Statistics show that foster kids end up homeless. How unfair to have to overcome such and usually on'our own.'

Cutting edge reason for struggling to having a biz!

1- Supporting Mental Health

“A great haircut will not cure mental illness
but we do know it may instantly lift your spirits! Shall you choose, you can share the heaviness in your heart with a friend that understands in a safe environment”
– Rita Pereira 

On a personal note, supporting mental illness is a cause that’s close to founder and C.E.O Rita Pereira’s heart, as she was raised in various foster homes from the

age of 8 months until 15 years, due to her biological mother’s health challenges. at 24, Rita decided to become her mother’s power of attorney to offer her momma unconditional love and a second chance to live a more fulfilling life.

2- Supporting Foster Children ( with Therapy Pup’s)

The second charity in the works is a scholarship fund to assist foster children (like Rita was) in acquiring the services of a life coach that will support their goals and dreams, while merging the vision Rita had when she adopted her first pup Marcus. The vision of incorporating rescue dogs with foster children in a theraputic relationship to heal both broken hearts.  

“I’m very proud of not becoming a statistic as many foster children unfortunately do become.

My purpose on earth is to share my light, my story of triumph, and to inspire others to fight for their best life!”
– hairess Rita

For other fellow foster children and parents, here is a great platform to share and inspire. I honest would personally love to hear your story.

Foster children and parents group

Oceans of sheer love and light,
The Pantyhose Barber